Monday, May 2, 2011


You can't understand my tears

though you're the creator of my fears...

So perfect

and so cruel

Shall I deny passion?

Or accept myself as a fool...

In so many words

You've told me no

I don't accept this


You push me away

I deserve someone better

better yet, the best...

I'm waking up for tomorrow

as you continue to rest

that child is your biggest fan

and you can't see

you're so far from being a man

Yet I can't let you go

not just yet...


I run through your pictures

scream your name in street

and you may not think of me for weeks

when the box of tissues run low

and your love sucks my ocean dry

I'm fighting for what you wont try...

It's explosive

The youth in you may never let me grow

though they beg me to let go