Thursday, April 28, 2011


There's a trap door in your bedroom.

I'm going to find it.

There's window in your living room.

I'm hoping to climb out of it.

There's a porch on the first floor of your two story home.

I'm going to jump it.

When you open your eyes at the crack of dawn...

don't bother looking

I'll be gone.

I think about you on my walk alone

I think about you on my drive home

When will I see you again?

Could it be months, years?

But I can't think that way

You're not here to stay

But we both know, I can't hold my breath for long

Only takes my leftover footprints for you to catch on

How far can a quarter tank of gas take me?

Why continue to try?

My legs are tired, throat is dry

Guess I figure if I run away far enough

You wont be able to catch up.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I'm ill.

I'm foolish.

I run into walls, hit corners and drop off planks.

I keep doing the same thing, expecting a different outcome.

I am insane.

You're a drug. The entire world tells me to stay away. I should listen to them, shouldn't I?

You're all wrong for me. You go backward as I move forward.

You want to crush my love. I want to dish out more.

Good morning, can't you smell the coffee and feel the heartbreak?

I lose myself in you.

I'm a worm on your hook. Don't cast me away.

I promised them I'd stay away. I promised myself.

Tunnel vision rules my world.

I'm a sad girl. How much more can I take?

You call. I answer.

You ask. I say yes.

We're not even a we.

How much of a dummy can I be?

Take the hint.

Get a clue.

As the years pass by...

I'm still stuck like glue.

And you'll never really know.

No matter how many times I've told you so...

That I hold all my love for you.

To the bare bottom of my soul

I'm sorry to all the joe schmoes 

I can't explain how deep this goes

I'm a silly girl

I may never learn

I may never win

I'll slump outside your door

Waiting for your return

Crying on your floor

Let me drive up your street

They may take me away...

And that's perfectly ok

For a moment, my life was complete

Look what you've done to me

Insanity has become my normalcy.

Here it is

Eyes are teary

My nose is runny

Suits me well

I'm just a dummy.