Thursday, December 16, 2010

End of the semester

It's amazing how good it felt to become a little bit closer with my fellow newspaper classmates. We all had a lot in common since everyone was pretty much in the same boat. At first, I didn't talk to anyone from class but as weeks passed, I started making conversation with a few people. Many people in the class turned out to be nice and very interesting. In most of my classes from past semesters, I never interacted with classmates unless it was out of obligation due to a group project. For the stater, we all worked together as a team which gave each of us a chance to get to now one another, which I was happy about. I can't wait to enter 427 next semester to see some familiar faces and meet some new ones as well. When Dan sent everyone the mail about the stater doing a double issue, I was a bit nervous but everything fell right into place and I kind of enjoyed working under pressure to meet deadlines. Although, having to leave at 3:30pm for both press days was not what I wanted to do. Out of all weeks, our last press day had to fall on the same day as the Cavs vs. Heat and my job, which is right next to Quicken Loans was expecting me at 3pm. I was able to extend it to 3:30pm but I felt terrible leaving class early. I did as much as I could with the time that I had and i'm hoping my job wont conflict with class as much next semester, but it's still a worry! Overall, I love Lab Newspaper, much more than I thought I would and it just solidifies the fact that I want to be a serious journalist.

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