Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rocky start to a long semester

At 3:21 AM on a Monday night, technially Tuesday morning, I finally completed my assignments due for my two online classes. Perhaps working 40 plus hours a week coupled with taking 6 classes would be the proper result of a person lingering on their computer late at night. Well, maybe a just a tad of facebook surfing could be another possible cause. Nevertheless, words can't even begin to describe the frustration and anxiety I feel coming into the third week of Spring semester at Cleveland State University. After five years of college, I'll finally be graduating this coming May with my bachelors in Journalism and Promotional Communication. Each day of my life is filled with a slew responsibilites, both personally and professionally. Being in Lab Newspaper 426 last semester left me flustered, confused and completely stressed out. However, all of those emotions were well worth the amount of knowledge I attained in 426. This semester in 427, I'm still very nervous, but it's working different nerves this time around. In 427, there are more responsibilities as far as designing a page, putting stories online...the list continues. Just the thought makes my head spin almost to the point where it could actually pop right off of my neck. I strive to be more efficient and work much harder than I did last semester. I've made plenty of mistakes and will continue to do so but I'm learning not to let every minor issue get the best of me. Looking like a moron and asking questions you fear will raise eyebrows probably will be inevitable, but this is all a part of life. I covered my first story of the semester on Black History Month. Do I consider this article to be a good one? Eh, it was alright. I feel like I yet to hit my peak. Time will tell.

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