Thursday, March 24, 2011

Let it happen

If ever a place bad luck could be
let it find me
I'll miss the train and fall to my knees
but it's quite alright
my efforts are caught in a freeze
If ever a time I meet destiny
it shall be taken away
I'll have fewer words
For my thoughts will know what to say
Keep taking my gold
rob me blind
make it simple, let me unfold
They chipped my heart
this dust pan is full
let heartbreak end, only to start
If the waves become stronger in my lonely sea
I'll escape drowning from the hope within me
Thousands of black clouds continue
at the mere age of twenty three
I'll swallow the madness
Let it happen to me
In the great and far distance
Your love awaits
Behind black sheep and clouds of torture
Time will set us free
I'm ready for the next bow and arrow
Eventually I'll use up the rain
Sunshine is no enemy
If ever a place bad luck could be
We'll be together someday
let it happen to me...

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